Katherine Stromska, LMFT

I help adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stressful life changes feel more in control of their thoughts, feelings, and moods. 

My Kind of Therapy

     As you're probably already aware, change takes time and sometimes it's incredibly frustrating to have to wait, especially when you're feeling awful. I totally get it. This is exactly why I like to provide my clients with tasks or tweaks to how they think about a situation, even if they're small, that they can start doing today to begin taking those first steps forward. Even the slightest bit of momentum can trigger this domino effect of bringing about some major changes. I’m very much a believer in the old adage, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

     We will absolutely be dealing with some serious stuff and I will be there to hold all of the things that you need to let out. I will guide you through examining parts of your life that have maybe been too overwhelming to look at before. I will teach you self-compassion and self-love. I will also show you the importance of humor and laughter in the process of healing and making those scary thoughts and feelings not so scary anymore. 

     Our sessions will be engaging and at times more like conversations to get those reflective, introspective juices flowing. I'm here to help you change aspects of your life so you can feel more confident, relaxed in your own body, and in control of your life and I'm incredibly passionate about doing so. My goal is to help you reach your goals and I thrive on finding creative and effective ways of doing so that resonate with you. This is your time, your therapy, and your life and I would be honored to help you make the most of it.

     Personality and style of therapy are pretty important when it comes to choosing the right therapist. Research says that the best indicator of outcomes from therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client. Make sure you check out my other pages to learn more about my specialties, specifics about my therapeutic methods, paying for counseling, and more!

My Education and Experience

     Over the last several years, I've gathered experience working in both school and community health clinic settings with young children, teens, adults, couples, and individuals. I've enjoyed working closely with schools and medical providers to spread awareness and understanding of mental health issues in the community. My focus has been on supporting new mothers experiencing anxiety and depression and women coping with the impact of traumatic life events.

     In addition to academic and professional experience, I've also taken courses that specifically focus on providing treatment to mothers and new parents experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues during and after pregnancy.

Professional Memberships

California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 84866 

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

South Bay Mental Health Professionals

Santa Clara County Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

Bay Area Birth Information (BABI)

Special Needs Professionals of Silicon Valley

Banner Photo Credit: Serge Skiba